Gifu Prefecture Tourism and Event Newsletter: November 2012 Edition is available!

Hi everyone, it’s time for the November 2012 edition of the Gifu Prefecture Tourism and Event Newsletter, so please have a look!

Get there HERE or through the top menu.

This month is full of festivals geared towards showcasing Gifu’s autumn beauty, so I hope that you will use this newsletter as a guide for where to go to see the autumn colors here in the Heartland of Japan!

Gujo Hachiman Castle Autumn Illumination

In this edition, I also talk about Nakatsugawa City (which I will be introducing in more detail here on the blog), located at the Eastern edge of Gifu’s southern region of Mino. Nakatsugawa is famous for Japanese confectionaries, particularly the kurikinton, and local kabuki, and it has some gorgeous natural spots as well! Stay tuned for more information, but for now, read over what I have to say in the newsletter!

Please help me let others know about Gifu by sharing the newsletter whenever you get a chance! Thank you!!


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