Gifu Prefecture Tourism and Event Newsletter: September 2012 Edition is available!

Hi everyone, it’s time for the September 2012 edition of the Gifu Prefecture Tourism and Event Newsletter, so please have a look!

Get there HERE or through the top menu.

Furukawa Fox Fire Festival

In this edition, I talk about Gero City (which I will be introducing in more detail here on the blog), which you are probably already somewhat familiar with because of the renown of Gero Hot Spring! There are some interesting and quirky events this month, including the above-pictured Furukawa Fox Fire Festival, so please read through the newsletter to get an idea of how to best enjoy your time in Gifu in the month of September!

I will also of course talk about Gero Hot Spring, as well as one of my favorite places in Gifu which happens to be in Gero…read the newsletter to find out where that is!!

Please help me let others know about Gifu by sharing the newsletter whenever you get a chance! Thank you!!


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