Unveiling the Gifu Prefecture Interactive Map!

Gifu Crossroads brings you the perfect travel resource for learning about and planning a trip to Gifu Prefecture, the Center of Japan! The map was created with independent travelers especially in mind, as it is incredibly easy to pick a destination on the map, see what else is in the area, and get directions (by car or by public transportation) to the next desired destination thanks to the wonders of Google Maps! Check it out here or navigate there at any time via the top menu.
In addition, Map Codes will be provided for all marked destinations to make it as easy as possible to get around Gifu in a rental car; all you need to do is input the codes into the GPS and follow the instructions! It’s also incredibly convenient if you have a smartphone while traveling, since you can consult the map at any point during your trip and get directions easily!
Finally, various links to external websites will be provided for most locations, so I hope that you use the map as a jumping-off point and follow these links to deepen your knowledge of Gifu! 
The map is still in its early stages and continues to be updated constantly, so please continue to check back and have a look at the never-ending selection of travel destinations in Gifu!

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